Importance of Testing High School Students for Drugs

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The issue of drug abuse is widespread across the world, and it is progressing into a major concern. As per many surveys and studies, a majority of the teenagers are abused to illicit drugs by the time they complete their high school. As the drug abuse is prevalent, the students are getting vulnerable to this habit. In order to deter the drug abuse, most schools have adopted appropriate drug testing programs that will identify the student drug addicts and subject them to the necessary treatment or counseling. It is well known that youngsters are highly vulnerable to the drug abuse as they are not matured enough to understand its harmful effects. They just get attracted to the alleged benefits than understanding the consequences and here’s the article.

Besides their age, other factors also contribute to their vulnerability to drugs. The ones that are more addicted to such abuse are those who are under institutional care, facing social or academic issues and living in disadvantaged families or surroundings. They are subjected to several risk factors and issues that lead them to the wrong path drug addiction. The common addictions among students are alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. As per the surveys, the youngsters who are addicted to these have developed the habit when they were in the high school.

href=”http://www.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/research/StateofKnwlegeDrugs/StateofKnwlegeDrugs/pages/3Detection.html”>Importance of Testing High School Students for Drugs

to detect the abuse that a student is subjected to in the early stages and take them to the right path. The early interference by the school or institution is very important to prevent the development of drug abuse. This is the reason for the schools to carry out drug testing techniques that will identify the drug abusers and counsel or refer them for appropriate treatment. The type of the treatment given to the drug abused students will depend on the level and type of the addiction. RandomStudentDrugTesting.com will give you more details on the importance of drug testing among students.


Identifying Flaws In Drug Testing Programs

Workplace Drug Test Know Hows

Drug testing programs are under the scanner for various flaws. Despite employers taking special steps to combat the problems related to drugs, there are some mistakes that can hinder the process. Necessary action needs to be taken to detect drug abuse without flaws. Drug abuse in the workplace can be detected with random drug testing programs. There are risks involved as some of the programs are not devised or executed properly. Sometimes an ineffective test can go undetected. Even an ineffective notice period can prove detrimental to the test. Even an advance notice period can affect the testing as the employees take measures to overcome detection.

While selecting individuals for the test, it is important to consider that there is no discrimination. If an employee is called for repeated tests, then it could lead to discrimination. A random selection process is considered ideal in such cases. Each state complies with different regulations when it comes to drug testing. The awareness of the drug testing laws has to be created as it could impact the program. The state regulations on drug testing have to be understood. Those organizations that follow federal laws have to face stricter regulations as they have to work, according to the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988.

According to the Benchmarking Report, random drug testing program is conducted by 39 percent of the respondents and in most cases drug usage after hiring date is not detected. Moreover, there is no uniform implementation of the test across the workforce. The medical marijuana laws still cause concern in workplaces. Despite their legality, many workplaces are strict on medical marijuana usage as well. Those companies that follow state regulations allow medical marijuana though it restricts the drug for high risk positions. In the United States, 17 states allow the usage of medical marijuana including District of Columbia.

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Raising Alcohol And Drug Awareness In The Workplace

Workplace Drug Testing

It is an increasing fashion in the corporate world to conduct drug tests on employees. Productivity is seen to increase that have drug test passed employees. Companies should include alcohol and drug test awareness training in their induction program only so that the job applicants become aware of it. The new employees will become aware of what the company wants from them and what should be avoided if you have the company as your priority. ¬†On the other hand, the company must raise some concern about the health of people working in it. Company’s everything depends upon its employees, and thus, employee safety is very important for the company.

A company must update and further develop a drug policy that states that the employees must not be under the drug effect ever. Involve a few employees or make unions in the organization to look after the employees if anyone is taking drugs. When employees are involved themselves, they become the owner of the policy. They themselves will not do it and also stop others from doing it. Involving employees in the control process makes things easier. Employee union can bring a better attention of the top management towards an employee who is showing frequent signs of drug misuse. Managers of the organization must be given some training to identify signs of a drug user. This might include deteriorated relations with other employees, stress, mood changes, impaired job performance, lateness or time off.

Drugs and alcohol should not be a taboo in the organization, rather it should be talked about to spread awareness. More and more people should be stated that how abusive it is for our health. One can use the sickness policy of the organization to manage alcohol and drug misuse. It is easier to correct an employee rather than hiring a new one and then giving them drug awareness training. An employee must start taking drugs under some emotional breakdown condition, and so understand them first. Try to save them from its effect in a positive manner. Make sure that anyone in the office having any issue regarding drug misuse can consult the HR.

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